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How To Make A Website in 6 Simple Steps

how to make a website Apr 30, 2018

Technically a website is a series of files that exist on a computer.  The files contain text and graphics that are programmed to display a certain way on various types of screens.  These are usually desktop computers or mobile devices.

Think of a website as a physical location of a business.  Like a store.  What does it take to open and operate a store?  

Offline (Physical) Business Presence

First you need a Business Name for your new business. 

Then you need to rent a location which will give you a physical address (so mail can arrive and your Audience and Guests can find you).  By the way, we define anyone who is interested in your Brand as your ‘Audience’.  But once a member of your Audience buys they become a ‘Guest’.  This terminology feels a little more pleasant and less sterile than ‘client’ or ‘customer’.  

After you have your business idea and location (with its physical...

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