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"The Ultimate Online Expert Business ‘Start Up Plan' And Blueprint..."

The Only Step-By-Step System To Start Your' Expert' Business Online


This is for serious Visionaries only.



A person of unusually keen foresight.

That’s what the dictionary says.

We define a Visionary as ‘an Entrepreneur who wants to build a sustainable coaching or consulting brand by taking the time to build their business the right way.’

And in order to give you total clarity on HOW you can FINALLY start, launch and scale your business, we’ve created this Online Business Plan and Start Up Blueprint.

It’s comprehensive.  

So if you don’t have the time to INVEST in your dreams, then STOP reading right now!

Still here?

Super!  Let’s get started...


You Deserve Freedom!

The old way of making a living was to work for ‘the man’ and enjoy your 1% raise each year (inflation is usually 2.5%, so have fun slowly going broke).

Or to take out massive debt…

Throw your life savings into a brick and mortar business and slave away as the sole proprietor working from sun up until sun down…

Barely seeing your family, and always stressed to the max.

Those days are over...

Today is a new day.

And there is a new way of making a living that allows you to create impact and have more freedom than ever.
That is owning an online business.

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With an online business you take your expertise, story, specialty, talents and package them so your coaching and advice can live beyond you... 

And since it’s automated and running 24/7, you achieve that elusive dream of having passive income dropping into your bank account everyday for work you did once…

Yet it keeps paying you over and over again. 

This is truly how you scale beyond the hours you can psychically work so you can create income at a significant level with the freedom to live life.

Let’s be clear, even an online business requires have to market, keep the systems running and share your authentic message.

The key difference is you did the work once to set up your programs, offers, and operations…

And those things are working around the clock to help you achieve the dream lifestyle you’re after.


  • When you monetize your expertise
  • Control your own schedule
  • Live life on your terms
  • Opt-out of the job
  • Can scale your brick and mortar business
  • Opt-in to the freedom of an online business

This Start Up Blueprint is about to show you how.

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A New Way To Startup Online

Dear Visionary,

You know that is what you actually are, right?

A Visionary! 

Let me prove it to you...

A Visionary sees a better world, is willing to share their Vision with others.  They’re willing to invest in their capabilities in order to see that Vision become a reality.

Visionaries are a rare breed.

And they invest in GROWTH.

Growth consists of:

  • Change
  • Potential
  • Energy
  • Audience
  • Belief
  • Business
  • Vision

When you stop seeing the world as you’ve always believed it to be, and start knowing the future is an unlimited sea of opportunity then you can finally get unstuck and launch your online business.

Most people talk to you about how much easier it is to quicken a person’s journey to the top than it is to start them from the ground floor up.

Yet, that is where you are. Brand new. Just starting. 

Or you tried a few random things online, but had no clear plan so you feel like you failed.

It’s not you. 

It’s because you weren’t clear on the process. 

Never fear, we were there too not long ago. 

You probably don’t yet have your business online, your Audience nailed and your list growing...

You probably don’t yet have your marketing message clear, your distinction in the market obvious, your lead generation working and your offers making you consistent income...

You probably don’t yet have your sales process down and your operations and systems running the show...

And if you’re not a brand new startup company you have probably been stuck trying to cobble how to run an online business together on your own (hint: even the top ‘gurus’ feel overwhelmed with juggling all the moving pieces).

You’ve probably been trying to connect the dots between all the guru classes, seminars and conferences you’ve attended so you can have a system that works without burning you out... 


If you’re cracking into this ‘Start Up’ Blueprint, then we’re willing to wager you’re a coach, consultant, service provider, creative (artist, author, influencer) that wants to automate your expertise so you can help more people beyond doing one-on-one work.

Even more, you dream of being able to choose your own hours, live life on your terms, and have the freedom to work from anywhere you want serving the Audience you love.


This is possible with an online business. 

As a matter of fact, online businesses are the future of business. 

We all grew up knowing brick and mortar (I (Vito) owned one), or working at a job (we all worked many) as the ‘norms’ of what “work” means.

No more. 

Today, online businesses are becoming the norm... 

Knowing how to assemble an online business piece-by-piece is the skillset of the future. 

If you possess it, you are at a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

It’s time to get serious about investing in the know-how to build an online business from the ground floor up…

And do it right so you can create success the first time and then scale from there. 

In this Start Up Blueprint, we have clearly laid out the key processes that will introduce you to our work and methodology that is specifically designed for the new ‘startup’ online business; as well as detailing out we can help you get started the right way.

You should treat this Blueprint the way an investor would...with an understanding of doing your due diligence, the fact that timing is critical and a sense of urgency to get going. 

The online learning and knowledge business is now over $398.15 Billion dollars by 2026

It’s only growing. 

The demand for specialized knowledge has replaced the old way of gaining general knowledge in schools and universities.

Every generation from this moment on accepts online learning, expects it, and for the most part prefers it.  

Sitting down to read this is one of the most profitable uses of your time if you want to launch your online business. 

Having a blueprint and the understanding of how to build a business and marketing that business are the skills of how you make a lot of money. Forever. 

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Before we lay out the blueprint, a quick note about us:

The Visionary Planner® is full service consultancy and coaching brand for expert and knowledge businesses, coaches, consultants, service providers and creative types (artist, author, influencers) who want to startup an online business, and build a 6-figure plus income working from home while enjoying more freedom in their daily lives. 

We are the only business teaching how to open an online ‘information selling’ business as a new startup. 

All the other gurus teach either the theory or high level strategy of getting online. 

Or they teach one piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture. They don’t give you the full business model. 

Or they help online businesses scale from small business stages to large business. 

Until The Visionary Planner®, none of the ‘gurus’ took the time to connect the dots and reveal what an online business needs in place to get started and the order to strategically scale... 

This helps you avoid wasting time, money and effort and instead hit your financial and lifestyle goals as quickly as possible.  

That includes: 

  • What assets to create and when to create them. 
  • The #1 offer you build first to get your business cash flow positive.
  • When is the right time to build a membership site and continuity offer (it’s not in the order you probably think!). 
  • What are the real investments & expenses involved in starting up.
  • What software you need and which ones you don’t (we recommend an all-in-one software that does your website, blog, offers and marketing for one low monthly fee).
  • When do you need a website and blog (this is where 95% of startups go wrong). 
  • How much time/energy/money is required to build an online business.
  • And more...

We cater to the ‘Expert’ and ‘Influencer’ who is just getting started online, or has been stuck trying a bunch of stuff ‘gurus’ said but not making money or who finds all the information overwhelming and confusing…

(Know what we’re talking about?)


We cater to the person who is paralyzed by tech, and is struggling to know where to get started and how to construct the actual business (not just one piece of the see one piece will get you one time results...but you need the key elements that leverage with each other so your business is consistently bringing a healthy income). 

When we first started out we spent all our time focusing on the wrong things…

This led to us always spinning a million plates, missing out on life and doubting our dreams because things were taking forever to get off the ground. 

We wished that someone had simply mapped it all out so we knew what to build!  

It’s like we had a bunch of puzzle pieces but no clue what the final puzzle would look like.  

When that happens there is no way you’ll ever get any results (and results when starting up a business is getting cashflow so you can continue to grow, keep investing and pay yourself more).

Since then we’ve gone on to build multiple 6-figure and 7-figure businesses that allow us to design what we call, “the ideal dream daily experience.” That is the ability to design exactly the how, when, where and what of each day.

I, Vito, love working my business from the vineyard my wife and I own.  This includes our gardens, vines, and bubbling fountains providing the daily symphony of our work lives. My wife Anna and I love being able to work with our kids around us, knowing we are home to raise them.

Mike, living in beautiful Slovenia (right next to Italy), lives away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood where he used to feel trapped. Now he gets to work from home with his wife and little ones.

What’s your daily dream experience? It’s a question we will ask you. 

When it comes to kick-starting an online business from scratch we are unparalleled in laying out the most step-by-step process for launching an online business.  


Because no one was crazy enough to meticulously teach you how to do each step so you have confidence and control over how to operate an online business that produces the income and impact you want. 

Our system offers you the playbook and the operation manual to design, launch and operate a “knowledge based business” online from home so you can get to 6-figures fast and then choose the level of scale you want from there (this can range from $10,000 a month all the way to building a billion dollar empire). 

In essence we are very good at what we do. 

So, we implore you to allow us the next few minutes to open the kimono (so to speak) and share a bit of our signature process without pulling any punches, holding back or limiting it... 

We challenge you to pay attention and wade through all that you have ever known (or didn’t know) about starting up an online business. 

If what we are saying is REAL, you have the clearest path to owning a 6-figure online business with absolutely nothing to lose…

That means the 15 minutes of your time it will take to read the rest of this report and finally have clarity and a process of how to launch an online business the right way for success is a smart investment…


If so, let’s get this party started!

Vito La Fata 

-Co-Founder, The Visionary Planner®

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The 5 Things (Probably) Holding You Back

After building five multiple 6-figure online businesses and having observed many people attempting to start up online (including our own students and people in ‘guru’ masterminds) there are 5 things that have held most people back:

  • Lack of Clarity of The Vision and The Business Plan
  • Lack of Audience Attraction
  • Lack of Distinction
  • Lack of Cash Flow
  • Lack of Scale

Before we go deeper we want to share a point of distinction that will make a difference in your chance for success... 

If you are new to building an online business, then you are in the startup stage.

This phase is very different than scaling an already existing online business.

What we see is a lot of people who are just starting out jump into advanced courses, seminars, events and ‘guru’ methods much too early... 

They struggle to see success. 

It’s like putting the cart before the horse. 

Doing things in the wrong order will kill your business. 

The stable, reliable, consistent businesses and owners build on the fundamentals…

They get the business foundation on solid ground and don’t jump all over the place or look for the easy button.

We usually see people coming to us with one or more of three problems:

  1. “I have stuff online but it’s not selling consistently.”
  2. “I don’t know how or where to get started.”
  3. “I have an Audience but I’m not monetizing it.” 

And the answer to all three statements when we look under the hood of their business is always the same:

  • Most start ups don’t have a lot of money
  • Many are not even set up as a legal business 
  • They lack Vision, mission, message
  • They struggle attracting an Audience
  • They have no content strategy to build their authority
  • Have no consistent lead generation
  • Their content isn’t growing their authority or positioning
  • They have an Audience of freeloaders 
  • They start with courses that don’t generate enough cash flow 
  • They tried membership sites too soon & didn’t make enough money
  • They have no high ticket offer generating cash flow for the business
  • Many do what the gurus are doing much too soon 
  • They struggle to get their Audience to buy 
  • Most start running out of money before they launch
  • They’re scared to run ads and get an ROI on their investment 

This is typical of what we see because no one is helping the start-up get started right. 

It’s why we created this behind-the-scenes report that will give you the knowledge you need to launch your successful online business.


#1: Lack of Vision

Don’t Just Build An Income. Build A Lifestyle.

Many people who own their own business never stop to think about what lifestyle they want before they set out to build it.

This mistake led me to owning brick and mortar. If I had taken the 5 Freedom Assessment we make all our Visionaries take, I would’ve seen that was the wrong path forward and been able to choose a different one...

Just getting clarity of vision can lead to happiness. Ask my wife, Anna.

When I coached Anna to build her business, and she saw how much I worked, including the pace I enjoyed, the fact that I’m non-stop, love being “on” all the time…

...she got clarity that she didn’t want the same kind of business I built.

And that let her make adjustments to what I was successfully doing and build accordingly. 

That’s an important exercise to do before you build a thing. 

The Guru-style vs. The Dream Lifestyle.

Do you have to build an online or influencer business like the ‘gurus’ out there do? 

A lot of people are sold on this version of an online and influencer business because they see it the way the gurus do it. I too was seduced into thinking that was the way...

But, I later learned through Dan Kennedy that an online business doesn’t need to be the “big show”. It can be anything you want it to be.

You can build hundreds of thousands (or millions of dollars) of income with between 1,000 to 10,000 people aware of who you are and what you do. 

We always like to coach people to crack that first $100k/year mark (about $8,000 a month, but let’s round up to $10,000)...

That seems to be the biggest hurdle of belief for most people…

Yet once you crack that you open the floodgates of what’s possible from there on out. 

Get over $100,000... 

then get over the $250,000... 

then over the $500,000…

The sky is the limit!  

When You Get to $10k/m On Your Terms - You’ve Arrived.

Why do we love that number?

Because for the most part (baring you start spending like a jackass) you got... 

...No worries for bills. 

...Your health care is taken care of. 

...You can take above-average vacations. 

...Your kids are going to get the education they deserve. 

...And you are not one disaster away from being broke. 

...You got the money to invest in your continued and hopefully perpetual growth.

That alone will take you further than anything.

Commit to your continued growth always, and you become immune to life and business storms.

Right now, too many people live under the threat of living broke. Hanging on month-to-month. Not living to their potential. Not making memories and moments.

Being broke sucks. I’ve been there. 

Making money is not for the lucky. It’s for the initiated. It’s for the intentional and the purposeful. 

Business skills will be necessary.  People who have been introduced to the skills of making money are the ones who soar.  

How can you produce money if you do not study what it takes to make it yourself?

The world was trained to accept a limited amount of money from a corporate employer or within the limits of small business…

Yet the internet and online businesses changed that.

Get some!

Resilience, definitiveness, consistency and honest ambition will be necessary tools in your quiver of success if you plan to accomplish your goals.  

People who apply these tools of the mind long enough to get so good as to be worthy of demanding top dollar in the market succeed. 

That’s what cracking the code of $100,000 a year on your own terms can mean.

This is relatively easy to do with just one offer, the right pricing, the correct business model and less than 200 people who actually buy from you. 

CAVEAT: If you’re just starting out and have no Audience (which we call a ‘cold market’), it will take longer than 6 months to crack the $10k/m mark.  A little bit of extra time, but well worth it!

Do your own calculations and get to your OWN desired income that you want for your life. 

If your goal is to cross that 6-figure mark first and then march on your way to 7-figures (like it is for each of our businesses), then you’re going to have to really build a backend Ascension Suite in your Brand.  

The Ascension Suite: Your Growth Plan

An Ascension Suite (which is what my mentor Brendon Burchard calls it) is a strategic progression and plan for your info-products that gives your clients a steady progression of results and your business a steady progression of revenue...

This strategy allows you to run ads, create conversions, recover your ad spend, and have profit maximizers automatically deploy to create profits in your business.

Think of it as different points of entry and different levels of scale and access to you…

Your coaching and services run on autopilot which keeps you focused and delivers consistent steady results (and the teaching you’ll be known for).

Here’s what you need: How to Do More With Less.

The common myth is that you need tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of followers to build a successful online business. It’s just that, a myth.

I’ve built a 7-figure business made up of multiple 6-figure businesses following a formula I learned from Dan Kennedy.

The $1M Formula:

For every $1M of earned income you need:

  • 10,000 people who are aware of you and know about you
  • 1,000 people who buy something from you
  • 100 people who are your tribe, your disciples, your die-hard fans

You can scale that in any direction.

I got started with a smaller formula when I got going as a start up... 

It was the $250,000 Formula. 

If you want to make $250,000 a year: 

  • You need 2,500 people aware of you
  • 250 buying something from you
  • 25 who are your devoted

This formula shatters the preconceived notion that you need tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands of followers) to make great money in your life.  

Money lets you live life on your terms versus at a job or under the massive overhead of brick and mortar.

Many pose the question of ‘are you creating impact at that level’? Does impact mean you have to work with tens of thousands? Millions of adoring fans?

That is an option. 

But, not everyone wants that ‘guru’ level business. And impact is not equated to size of Audience.  Rather it’s based on depth and quality of Audience.

Some of the best and most meaningful work is being done in rooms of 200 or less, where workshopping can get done. 

The large knowledge based conferences are amazing, and a great place to get inspired. But, the deep, hands-on-work is being performed in workshops, retreats and immersion experiences by Visionaries such as yourself.

Today, the online business model follows what Kajabi (the all-in-one software we show our students to use to build their businesses) has been able to prove with data that to be successful in the online learning space you need:

Course + Coaching + Community + Connection

  • Course = What you offer
  • Coaching = Group or 1-on-1 feedback
  • Community = Students supporting each other
  • Connection = Your message clicks with your Audience

Chances are you were planning to launch a Course and Coaching…

But as a new start up it’ll pay to focus on Community and Connection as those become two of your greatest strengths when you are small and starting out.

Never forget: It’s not the size of the Audience (that helps for sure), what’s critical is having the Audience convert to buyers. 

No buyers, no income.

Want to go deeper?  Enroll in our complimentary workshop:


#2: Lack of Audience Attraction

Attract the Right Audience for You.

One of the biggest problems as a new startup online (or any business for that matter) is not having an Audience to sell too. 

No Audience = no one to buy your stuff. 

You need to cast the net and attract your Audience.

The second biggest problem as an influencer or business is to have an audience of freeloaders. People who never want to buy, don’t have the means to buy and lack the ambition to invest in themselves. 

You need to intentionally position yourself as an Authority so you can attract quality buyers and train them to invest in transforming their lives (they gotta have skin in the game or distractions will kick in). 

Being seen as the Authority you’re meant to be comes from your content strategy.  This is how you educate, entertain and empower your Audience to take action on your offers. 

We’ve seen it time and time again…

People go to the guru conferences, get all amped up on the opportunity and buy the programs on building online courses but they have no Audience to sell too.  And they have no plan to build an Audience.

So, who are you planning to build your offers for?

You need people to buy from you. It’s like the elephant in the room. 

Why are you building a course, service or product if you got no one to sell to?

It’s like the chicken before the egg joke... “What comes first?  The Audience or the offer?”

Joe Pulisi (in his great book Content Inc.) explains this clearly...

“One of the best ways to launch a successful Brand is to define your Audience, zero in on them, get to know them, research them, analyze them, so you can create content and lead magnets (we call them Free Treats) that provide value far ahead of ever asking for anything in return, and build what they are looking to buy.”

When you serve an Audience, and position yourself as an Authority, you can command influence. Influence creates buyers. 

One of the best things I did that helped me launch my first online business successfully was I started speaking, writing emails and building a list that I sent weekly content out to.  This cemented me as a trusted expert and authority.

Which brings us too...

Authority Positioning.


#3: Lack of Distinction

Stand Out Amongst the Noise.

In the old days (back in 2008), you’d have to be a massive corporation to afford advertising. 

Yep, you’d need millions to run TV spots, radio commercials, rent billboards or have a full page spread in the newspaper.

Then Social Media changed all that.

Suddenly everyone (and their mom) could create and post content online.  

These days there is so much content that you really have to outsmart the ‘other guys’ if you want to stand out and get attention.

This all comes down to being distinct.

In the ‘get online’ world (truth be told, this works for offline too), that means taking the time to carve out a clear message and then purposefully sharing it.

But since info is now a commodity you have to move beyond information and offer transformation.

So how do you cut through the noise?  

How do you get your Audience to know, like and trust you? 

How do you create transformation?

Simple…you take the time to define what makes you distinct.  

Today your message is distinction.

We define your message as…

...who you’re passionate about helping  

...what you help them get through and achieve 

...your unique “teaching” system and framework

Let me ask a rhetorical question…

Would you rather eat at a restaurant with no systems (they cook whatever the chef feels like, and best of luck if the place is even clean), or would you rather go to a place that follows proven recipes, has systems for operations and focuses on your experience?

Chances are you want the 2nd.


Because they follow systems.  This lets you know they’re committed to quality and results (tasty and finely prepared food).  

Your online business must do the same.

You need to map out the steps, or process, you guide your clients (we like to call our clients and students ‘Guests’) towards achieving.

This step-by-step process shows them that you’ve done the planning for them.  It shows that you’re ready to take them from ‘NOW’ (where they’re currently suffering) to the ‘WOW’ they’re hoping to accomplish.

In fact, we made an entire video on this, so if you’ve got :22 minutes, click here to check it out.  

Long story short, we use a tool called a Teaching Map™ that helps not only map out the steps to get your clients success; but also the milestones and timeline it’ll take them.

(We’ll share our Teaching Map™ with you in a few pages.)

This lets your Audience fully trust that you’re the expert you say you are!

Once you craft a memorable Teaching Map™ you’ll be able to have your Audience remember it.  Think of Stephen Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.  

Those 7 steps help that brand be very clear on the content they’ll put out in the market, and what types of offers they can create.  

Even better, it lets prospects who are suffering from clear problems look at those 7 steps and determine if any of them will help solve the #1 problem they currently have. 

Fun fact: You should only focus on selling to the people who are in immediate and urgent pain (we don’t mean just the physical kind)…everyone else won’t be motivated enough to take action.

Prevention is the toughest thing to sell in the market, just ask the health and wellness industry.

Again, if you want to know more about Teaching Maps™ (and see some examples), just visit the link below:


#4: Lack of Cash Flow 

The Focus Group “Cash Flow” Offer.

You can have a successful online business with just one offer.  However, you’ll be able to 10x your income, impact and freedom by having more.

We call this an ‘Ascension Suite’ of offers (courses, services, retreats, masterminds, software, etc).

In The Visionary Planner® System, we teach that there are 4 Product Categories you need in order to fully maximize your Brand (and give your Guests different pricing options to best suit them).

We call these product categories ‘Treasures’.


Because they should stack on so much value that your Guests feel they unearthed a box of buried treasure!  Value. Value. Value.


The 4 Treasure types are:

  • Treasure #1: Gateway - Having a low-price ‘irresistible’ offer acts as a gateway that separates non-buyers from those eager to pay you for your solutions.   This is often a free book (where buyers pay shipping) or a low-priced course that solves one simple problem.  These typically sell in the $7- $100 range.
  • Treasure #2: Continuity - Smart Visionaries build recurring revenue into their business model by billing monthly on subscription.  This helps them predict how much revenue they’ll make over the upcoming months, create budgets and goals. Some businesses like Netflix or Spotify are solely based off this business model.  Examples in the coaching space would be a vault of content like memberships sites or a monthly group coaching program. There are many others, but these are two of the most common in the influencer and coaching space. These typically sell in the $20 - $300 a month range.
  • Treasure #3: Signature Offers - This is what you become KNOWN for. This is often a self-guided program that clients can study at their own pace.  We like to layer in a few group or one-on-one calls to make sure students get the feedback and accountability they need.  This is often an online course or coaching program. Because this is usually on the more expensive side, it can be broken into monthly payments and also serve as your Continuity offer. Or it can be offered with pay in full bonuses that help you grow your cash flow.  These typically sell in the $500- $2,000 range.
  • Treasure #4: High Ticket - This is the main cash flow system and the cornerstone of your organic marketing strategy. This lets you build immediate and fast cash flow so you can keep funding your business and lifestyle. We teach our students to launch this first.  Then they’re able to leverage their curriculum to create a Gateway Offer and Signature offer. Examples of this are done-with-you services, retreats, masterminds or immersion experiences. These typically sell in the $3,000- $25,000 range.

Now you’re clear on the Treasures; however most startups launch these in the wrong order.

They focus on creating their low-tier offers and membership sites thinking the recurring revenue is the gold at the end of the rainbow...

Which might be a good strategy if you have a large list of buyers or massively engaged Audience so you can get the volume you need to make a profit.

But, if you’re new or in the startup stages of your business, this is a fast and frustrating path to running out of money, failing to launch, and feeling defeated so you give up. 

The reality is that by the time you cover the cost of lead and client acquisition, if you do not have multiple upsells (Ascension Suite) already built out - where you can make multiple offers on auto-pilot at the time of purchase - you just can’t recoup the ROI to stay in business.

Then me state that in another way…

Without money to invest in ads (so you can acquire new leads), you can never acquire new leads.  That means you need CASHFLOW in order to get out of the start up phase.

For a start up that can often be a challenge. And a death trap for the business.

Yes, recurring revenue builds budget and stability. 

But, you need cash flow for growth. 

You need to start with your High Ticket “Cash Flow” Offer to fund the business. No Cash flow no growth...

In the start up stage when you don’t have a lot of cash you need to generate it fast and consistently each month. That’s where high ticket offers come in. 

High Ticket (something you can charge between $2k-$10k/m depending on where you are in the market) is your most strategic place to start…

This is typically a 2-3 month transformation based program that moves a person through your signature teaching system.  It’s designed to help them achieve massive wins and progress in their desired goals. When you create something powerful like this it will be worthy of the value promised and the pricing being commanded.

Granted, a High Ticket offer often requires more access to you in the beginning, but as you nail it, you can scale it.  Just turn around and extract you from the program and let it run without you in your offer suite.

The key is nailing down your process so you can create a converting offer, (and sales process) and leverage your clients (who are paying you thousands) to co-create with you the exact offers they want.  

This helps you make sure you’re creating EXACTLY what your Audience wants to buy, quickly test your content and curriculum out with a ‘Focus Group’ before you create a slick version of it.  Finally you’ll be able to get case studies and proof that will further help you sell your Ascension Suite of offers.

In fact, here is the exact process we use (and we coach our students to build):

If you want to go deeper into that, be sure to check our ‘Start Up Online Bootcamp’.  

Here’s the link to where you can register to watch it:


#5: Lack of Growth Clarity

In order to help you avoid stagnating in your business (or worse, feeling totally lost and clueless), we’re happy to share the 10 ‘Business Building Milestones’ that we coach our Visionary Students to hit...

Step 1: Get Clear on your Vision For Your Life

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to map out the life you’re after.  This lets you design your business to hit your goals, instead of creating one that entraps you (a very common pitfall entrepreneurs fall into).

We’ve seen so many Entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses...but they’re miserable!

The business is trapping them, rather than setting them free.

That’s why you must invest the time to define your goals so that you can aim your business creation towards helping you accomplish that.  

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Clear Vision Planner™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 1 Week

NOTE: In our signature Visionary Planner® coaching program:

  • The BLACK blocks are our coaching programs (broken into the exact action steps we’re sharing with you now).  
  • The GREY blocks are the individual action steps you must take (our coaching walks you through completing each step in as much detail as possible; including checklists, templates, over-the-shoulder ‘tech build out’ videos and coaching).  
  • The PINK blocks are private 1-on-1 coaching calls so we can review your work and make sure you’re on the right track.

Step 2: Get Clear on Your Online Business Plan

Before you start doing busy work, you need to map out the ‘big picture’ elements of your brand.  This helps you stay focused and avoid massive time sucks and rabbit holes. Having a business plan is your tool to success. 

If you skip this step you’ll get trapped into the ‘what should I focus on next’ trap that derails so many entrepreneurs.  That’s why you should never build a business without at business plan!

This is also where you need to invest in the necessary equipment (fast computer, microphone, screen recording software, lights) and to secure a legal business entity (like a LLC or S-Corp).

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Online Business Blueprint™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 1 Week


Step 3: Pinpoint Your Audience

You’ll get to cashflow by offering up value to your Audience.  This requires you to get clear on what urgent problems they’ll throw money at you to help solve.  

You’ll also need to verify you can find your Audience online so you remove all risk of launching offers with no one to sell them to.  

After you’ve done that you’ll secure your social media channels and post a ton of valuable content that shares your message...

Before you even think of creating content, you need to lock down your unique message. This is whats sets you apart in the market and attracts your ideal client.  

You’ll also create a ’Teaching Map’ which is your unique step-by-step system that helps your Audience solve their urgent and painful problems.  You’ll then align these steps to various offers using our ’Treasure Map’ tool. (Then you’ll get paid to create and launch these in upcoming steps).

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Audience Attraction Planner™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 2-3 Weeks

Step 4: Define Your Visual Branding

In order to stand out visually (and not look like a ‘fly by night’ or ‘cheapo’ brand), you need to put some thought into creating marketing that attracts your ideal Audience…


This includes planning out what you want your Logo, Fonts, Colors and Brand Name to be.  Once you have a solid plan, you’ll be able to confidently outsource your visual branding to a professional designer and have the work completed as efficiently as possible.

Skipping this step means your brand will won’t be instantly recognizable…

The rule of thumb used to be that it took 7 times for someone to see your brand before they were comfortable to buy.  Now (thanks to so much online competition), that number has ballooned to 21!

This will lead to you having to recklessly spend money to constantly make a ‘1st impression’ every time you market.  We’re sure you agree that it’s much better to have consistent branding that lets your marketing efforts compound.

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Brand Clarity Planner™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 2-3 Weeks

Want a personalized plan?  Click the button below to schedule a FREE Coaching Session with us:

Step 5: Launch Your List (The Right Way)

Now that you’ve got your planning out of the way, it’s time to fast-track building your business!

You’ll start with growing your email marketing list.  This lets you start to grow an Audience of people who are interested in solving the problems you’ll be educating them about. 

Here you’ll create film some short ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ videos that get repurposed into creating you a robust email marketing list that runs for 12 weeks (that’s 3 months of you having planned out a rock solid ‘on-boarding’ for all new list signups).  

Even better, you’ll take your video content and repurpose it into blog posts, social media content and ads.  Your newly growing list will give you valuable feedback and let you verify that you’re heading in the right direction.

Here you’ll also set up simple customer support systems.  This assures that whenever your amazing Audience, prospects and clients contact you nothing will fall through the cracks.

You can have us help you accomplish this in our List Grow Fast-Track™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 4 Weeks

Step 6: Kickstart Your Cash Flow

Now is where the fun begins!  

Here you’ll want to kickstart your brand by launching a high-ticket ‘Focus Group Offer’ Coaching Package.  This ranges between $2,000-$10,000 to help you get big pops of money to fund the rest of your business creation.

Here you’ll leverage your Teaching Map to create a rock-solid curriculum that lets you get paid to develop your entire Ascension Suite...  

That means your Guests will pay you to coach them through your ‘rough’ trainings and get valuable feedback and case studies.

Once you have taught your content to a few high-paying clients you’ll be able to turn around and create slicker ‘evergreen’ versions of all your offers.  

In this step you’ll also create a High-Ticket Path that lets you hold sales calls that get you high-ticket clients. (We call a ‘funnel’ a path because it helps to remember that you’re leading your Audience down a path towards the promised land of solving their most nagging problems)

If you have a $2,000 coaching program, you can hit $10,000 a month by selling 5 of them.  If you charge $3,500 you’d only need to sell 3 a month.  

When you offer a solution that people are willing to pay for, this becomes super easy to make a reality (assuming you invest the time to complete each step with quality and passion). 

You can have us help you accomplish this with you inside our Focus Group Fast-Track™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 12 Weeks


Need Clarity? Apply For Your FREE Session

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Step 7: Automate Your Sales Process

Now that cash is coming in, you will want to create a webinar that helps sell your Focus Group Offer and automatically drive interested Audience members into your High Ticket Path(which includes sales calls that help you further gather data on what your Audience wants).

You’ll also kick things up a notch with running ads, creating a robust publishing calendar (that writes your book on autopilot) and creating value-packed weekly Episodes that keep your list engaged (and help sales to continue to come in).

Lastly, you’ll develop your Visionary Talk™ and Visionary Talk Path™ that will help you establish yourself as an authority as you grow your list from speaking events.

You can have us help you accomplish these things inside our Sales Automation Fast-Track™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 8 Weeks


Step 8: Build Your ‘Gateway’ Offer

Assuming your Focus Group Offer™ is crushing it (we know it will be), you’ll develop an ‘evergreen’ version of your Treasure #1 content which will be an irresistible low-priced offer that serves as a ‘gateway’ to ascending buyers into your higher priced offers.  

The Gateway Offer™ should go over the #1 problem your Audience suffers from so you can let them ‘sample’ your awesome coaching with a low priced ‘gateway’ offer and typically sells in the $7-$100 range (us online marketers sure do love the number 7)!. 

Here you’ll create final videos, handouts and marketing for your ‘Gateway’ Offer.

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Treasure #1 Fast-Track™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 4 Weeks

Want a personalized plan?  Click the button below to schedule a FREE Coaching Session with us:

Step 9: Build Your ‘Signature’ Offer

Next you’ll want to create an ‘evergreen’ version of your Focus Group Offer™ so your time can be freed up...  

By removing the 1-on-1 calls you’ll be able to create a lower priced version of your Focus Group Offer™ that runs on autopilot.  We call this your ‘Signature Offer’ (which is in the Treasure #3 classification and sells in the $500-$2,000 range)

You’ll still be able to ‘upsell’ those buyers into your Focus Group, but more importantly, you’ll be able to ‘downsell’ people who attend your Sales Calls who aren’t ready to invest in your highest priced offer.  Essentially this lets you create a whole new offer in a new price category with minimal effort.

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Treasure #3 Fast-Track™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 8 Weeks


Step 10: Build Your ‘Membership’ Offer

Last but not least, you’ll transform all your Episodes into ‘lessons’ complete with handouts (cheatsheets, checklists or summaries).

This helps you create a vault of content that you can sell as continuity in the $20 - $300 a month range. Having monthly revenue come in month after month is a very nice thing!

In addition to your ‘vault’, you’ll be able to hold a live monthly ‘group training call’ to add more value, and also give you more assets to convert into social media content.

Finally, you’ll build upsell email sequences and retarget ad campaigns so your entire business is interlocked and optimized.

Plus, you’ll repurpose your Treasure #2 handouts to create dozens of ‘Signup Pages’ that will help you take your list growing opportunities to the next level!

You can have us help you accomplish this in our Treasure #2 Fast-Track™ coaching program.

Est Completion Time: 8 Weeks


NEXT: Scale Your Empire

Once you’ve got a 1st pass of your main offers and marketing funnels created, you’ll focus on scaling!  

This is where you 10x your ads, content and outreach to turn your business into a rock-solid machine that floods you with clients that bring you joy, money to fund your dreams and freedom to live life on your terms.

Est Completion Time: ONGOING



Start Up Questions

We know how exciting it is to jump in and start feeling creative, but before you do make sure you can rattle these questions off without missing a beat…

  1. Who are you specifically helping (your ideal client)?
  2. What problems will they pay you to help them solve?
  3. What annoying things will you help them avoid?
  4. What is your memorable step-by-step solution?
  5. How long does your system take to get results?
  6. Why are you passionate about helping others?
  7. Why would they be silly not to work with you?
  8. What is the transformation your High-Ticket offer will deliver (this needs to be a transformation that is measurable...more wealth, better health, higher social status)?



Start Up Assessment

Use this assessment to help make sure you’re ready to get started the right way!


  • Are you clear on the lifestyle you want your business to reward you with? Y / N
  • Are your clear on your business plan to earn reliable income online? Y / N
  • Are you clear on what way you are going to make the world better? Y/N
  • Do you have a legal business entity setup? Y / N
  • Do you have a legal contract to issue to your clients? Y / N
  • Do you have a business bank account set up? Y / N
  • Do you have a business address and phone number? Y / N

Audience Attraction

  • Are you clear on what Audience you’ll want to serve?   Y / N
  • Are you clear on who you do not serve? Y / N
  • Are you clear on the problems you’ll help them solve? Y / N
  • Do you have an email marketing list of at least 2,500? Y / N


  • Are you clear on what makes you stand out in the crowd? Y / N
  • Can you quickly say what you do and who you do it for? Y / N
  • Are you clear on the transformation you deliver? Y/N
  • Is the value you offer crystal clear to your Audience? Y / N
  • Do you have a solid brand name? Y / N
  • Do you have a website you’re proud of? Y / N
  • Do you have clear visual branding (font, colors, logo)? Y / N


  • Do you have a low-priced ‘Gateway’ offer (ex: book, mini-course, report)? Y / N
  • Do you have a ‘Vault’ membership or ‘Group Coaching’ continuity offer? Y / N
  • Do you have a ‘Signature’ offer (between $500-$2000)? Y / N
  • Do you have a High-Ticket offer (above $2,000)? Y / N
  • If not, do you have a simple strategy to get paid to create them? Y / N


  • Do you have a plan to attract prospects? Y / N
  • Do you have a proven sales strategy? Y / N
  • Do you continuously engage with your list? Y / N
  • Do have the funds to run ads? Y / N
  • Are you nervous to invest in running ads? Y / N
  • Do you consistently create and post new content? Y / N
  • Do you have a team to run operations for you? Y / N

Count up each time you answered YES and write the number here:______

Your Score:

  • 30 = Your business is solid!  Virtual high-five!
  • 24-29 =  You’ll need to build out systems for each ‘NO’ you answered.
  • 16-20 = You may need to rethink some of your systems and definitely optimize your sales processes.
  • 0-15 = We recommend you stop doing any ‘busy work’ and make a plan to start up the right way.



Wrap Up

Maybe this Start-Up Blueprint was all you needed…

Yet if you’re anything like we were when we started out, you want to be told EXACTLY what to do!

You want a mentor to coach you every step of the way, and keep you focused so you avoid all those nasty time sucks, rabbit holes and long hours with zero results.

Your Coaching Session Voucher (Save $500?)

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It’s our Vision to empower you to get unstuck, and get clear on your immediate action steps to launch your brand in the next 6 months or less.

After you wrap this call you’ll have a customized ‘business plan’ that will speed up getting cashflow, a massive list and finding joy in what do you.

Sound good?

All you need to do is click the button below to apply for the call.  (Apply?  Yep! If we don’t feel we can help you get started online with our proven systems we don’t want to waste your time).

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What’s The Catch?   

We believe the world needs heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers, service providers, experts and consultants who are working towards empowering others…  

One by one we can illuminate others and make the world our children will inherit just a little bit better.

You follow?

So our #1 leverage to make that happen is to get you clear on your immediate action steps.  

This lets us customize our Visionary Planner® System to suit your needs.  

Then if you we invite you (and you want to upgrade to our exclusive coaching program) you’ll have sampled all the awesomeness and value we will shower upon you.


Our spots are super limited, so take immediate action now so someone else doesn’t get your slot!  Success comes to those who seize it.

You Can Totally Do This!

We had a great time creating this ‘Start Up Blueprint’ just for you!

Whether you jump on a complimentary ‘Start Up Your Brand’ Coaching Call or not, we hope all these resources are helpful.

And to continue showing you the ins and outs of getting freedom, impact and reliable income (that lets you make your online business your main gig, instead of your side-hustle), follow The Visionary Planner® on Social:

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Remember that starting, launching and scaling your online business is NOT easy.  But it is achievable!  

The secret is to follow a proven system that leverages all your hard work into a strategic series of action steps…

And never give up or doubt your Vision.

If you’re ready to be told EXACTLY what do, how long it takes and the right order to complete it in, then we’re glad you found us!  (Is this destiny?  Could be.)

Until the next time, peace!

-Vito (+ Mike, Anna & your VP Team)


PS: Want to know how much it costs to get started?  Download our handy comparison chart below...



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