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Should You Focus on Reoccurring Revenue 1st?


Should you build a low ticket membership site (recurring revenue) right when you start up?

I mean it sounds sexy, right? 

So many of our students (before they leverage the 10 Step Visionary Planner System) think, "I'm going to put a membership site together because I got this audience and they want more from me so I can quickly just get a few people in there, paying me on a monthly basis."

 That’s not the right way to think about things (more on that in a sec…)

Before we roll ahead, let’s go over a couple different scenarios on when it might be the right decision for you to launch a membership site, and when it might be a little too early.



1. How big is your Audience?

First you have to ask yourself, do you have a large enough Audience that if you put out a low ticket recurring revenue membership site ($20-$200 a month), it's going to be worth your time and effort (because it's going to take time to build a membership site and it’s...

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