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Create A New Website With These Tools

create new website Dec 18, 2019

Here is a list of the top tools we use for our websites.

  • Wordpress - Wordpress is a free blogging platform.  You should be able to install this through your hosting company.


  • Canva - Canva is a free design tool that lets you create images.  You can use this to create your site’s header and about images.

  • WPMuDev - This is a great service that lets you easily update, backup and perform security on your Wordpress Sites.  We recommend this if you have 3 or more sSites because it makes it very easy to update everything on each Site with one click.  It also lets you create security backups and optimize your Site’s speed.


  • Google Analytics - Google has a free service that lets you analyze everyone who is coming to your Site.  You can see how many people visit, how long they stay, what pages are most popular, and what Sites sent them your way.  Knowing this can help improve your Site traffic.  There are a few Wordpress...
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