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Lesson #2:

How To Stand Out & Attract Clients


This worksheet will help you create your Teaching Map™ and develop a 'power word' so your Brand stands out!


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Vito: Welcome back to Part 2 or 3.

Here we’ll show you how to start up an online business that gives you time and financial freedom to live the life of your dreams.

If you remember in the last video we showed you how you don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to make $10,000 a month.  When you follow a proven strategy, you can build a six figure business doing what you love, serving who you love and getting your coaching and your expertise out in the world to serve that big mission.

Today we've got to talk to you about some of the common things that can get in your way.  We want you to build systems so you’re not trading dollars for hours.   

Then we’ll talk about your offers…

How to craft your distinction and stand out in the market.

Let’s jump back to about 2014.  That’s when I was in a top mastermind and had been studying the strategy of how to do product launches. And while great, it was only one strategy, it wasn't the big picture.

I didn't know how to run the whole business. I was living and dying by one strategy…one piece of the puzzle. That piece, while a good, wasn’t a complete and sustainable business. It was a steering wheel, and I needed the entire car!

That's unfortunately what a lot of people are dealing with. They're not knowing how to put their whole business together. And that was me and I'm literally like, ‘I don't have the fricking game plan on how to go do that’.

That’s when I met my now business partner here in the Visionary Planner, Mike L. Murphy.  He laid out how to create the entire back end of an online business. He had studied how all the pieces (webinars, launches, websites, offers, content, etc) all connect and build upon each other. 

Mike: I was working in Hollywood on such films as Lord of the Rings, Ironman, Harry Potter and Fast & Furious. But as glamorous as Hollywood sounds, the reality is that I was working 12 hour days, 6 days a week while community 2 hours in heavy traffic.

So I basically had no freedom. I was just trapped in this thing.

My low point was during my Grandma’s 95th birthday…

I was supervising on an Easter bunny movie and the producer calls me in his office and he's like, ‘you're doing a great job. You’ve led your crew to generate more footage than anyone else. High Five!”

And I'm like, ‘thanks. I’m about to jump on an airplane to fly up to my grandma’s birthday.’

The producer bluntly said, ‘You’re working’.

At that moment I realized I didn't have any freedom. I was a slave to this corporation.

This is the reality for many people.  At that moment I quit. During this time I met my wife Nastja, who is from the small European country of Slovenia (right next to Italy). In order to be with her I had to decide if I’d continue working for ‘the man’ or find a way to build a freedom lifestyle.

Love won out and I had a vision of what I want my life would be like.  Where I would live.  How big my family would be. And none of that would've been possible if I had stayed working where I was, even though working on big movies was my childhood dream.

During this time I stumbled upon ‘online business’ and got seduced by the dark side!

Back then it wasn’t easy…the tools and technology were crude.  Back then there was no step-by-step system to follow.  It was just a bunch of random strategies and assets that required wonky technology.

I could tell you horror stories about coding websites and all that. So the good news is now it's so easy.

I literally studied like everything under the gun.  Because I'm so visual, I would start piecing everything I was learning together.

During that time I was in the mastermind where I met Vito.  We bonded and he asked to see my process maps  He wanted me to help him build those systems for his business.

Anna: You were walking around and telling some people about what you had.  You told Vito and he said to me, ‘Anna, Mike has a process for you to go through’.

I was stuck in this place of having no idea what I was creating and focusing on. I had a bunch of random offers out there, but didn’t have the cashflow to actually quit my job.

When you're in a place where you have an expertise and coaching you want to share with others… something you want to create, but you just don't know how to get that thing out into the world…that’s when you need help.  That's when you need a coach.

I knew it clearly in my mind, that's where I was at.

So you have to ask yourself, ‘am I ready to take what I love, what I'm passionate about and commit to figure out how to package that up and gift it to somebody that needs it?’

Mike: We started working together.… And during a few years we developed two different maps called a Teaching Map™ and Treasure Map™.

We're going to explain what those are in a minute.

Essentially when you use these two powerful tools, you're going to be able to not only find out who your Audience is and verify your data, but also how to best serve them and give them what they need.  Then you can structure their problems in a logical step-by-step process that is unique to you.

In the movie industry, we call it an ‘intellectual property’, or IP.

It's knowledge that you own. It's something that other people can't copy and clone. So it's unique to you. When you have a compelling intellectual property, which again is what we call the Teaching Map™, then you're able to align offers. This helps if you're wondering ‘what do I sell and who's going to buy my stuff?’

Without a Teaching Map™, you start spinning out of control over thinking things. As I taught the genesis of that to Vito and Anna, they put their own unique spin on it and they created a version of it called a ‘power word’.

Anna: I think that the #1 thing I learned when I started The Visionary Planner® is to have a distinct niche with a specific market and Audience.

I was trying to help everybody. Everybody needs health and fitness, right? Everybody needs to get fit, get healthy.

But I didn't really have a message out there that was clear to someone's specific problems, you know?

The Visionary Planner® helps you really distinguish who your niche and Audience. You’re forced to dial in who is your Audience and what is their problem that you’re solving.

The harsh reality is that people don't care about your service, they care about their problems.

Vito: What’s in it for them? They need you to be their solution!

Anna: Exactly.  The #1 thing that you really want to think about is not only who you want to serve, but what is it that they're struggling with.

For me, I love serving moms and I know that they're under a lot of stress. I want to help them overcome those things that are making them feel drained and resentful and  totally wiped out. 

So I'm really putting that message out there in the market to target moms to become high performance mamas.

And we see most people, especially when they first start The Visionary Planner®, they want to help everybody.

Vito: You don't have the budget to help everybody because you just can't create that kind of much noise!  Instead, you need to focus on the steps that a person has to move through go to from ‘Now’ to ‘Wow’!

What's the highest ambition that they want? What's their high aspiration? When you know where your ideal client ultimately wants to go, you can start laying out stepping stones for them that show them the right order to proceed in. 

Mike: For example, the 1st step to building an online business is to get clear on the lifestyle you want to live.  This helps you avoid building a business that traps you.

Then the 2nd step is to craft a business plan that is a ‘big picture view’ of all the offers you’ll develop.

The 3rd step is to define your Audience…and so forth.  Having a clear step-by-step process helps you stay focused on how to best serve your Audience.  It also gives them confidence that you have thought of everything so there’s no risk for them.  You’ve mapped out the journey they want to embark on. 

 Once you dial that in, you need a business plan to follow so you can strategically build your online business in.  You want to avoid random!

Vito: When you achieve that, it's almost like a rope that a person is climbing up and they can see a pathway to their future outcome and transformation that changes their life.

To create a Teaching Map™, you can go with the step-by-step model with a cool name.  For Anna’s Teaching Map™ she uses the power word ‘CONFIDENT’.

We were able to take that word ‘CONFIDENT’ and create a map out of it.  For example, the C in the beginning of ‘CONFIDENT’ stands for ‘Capture your vision’.  This is the 1st step because any woman that wants to live an amazing life needs to have a vision for what that life is.  Otherwise she’ll always be spinning her wheels.  Lack of Vision is why she’s all too eager to give up, and never get results.

Anna: That's why she's not following the meal plan. It's not that she can't figure out the meal plan or the workout. She’s like, ‘I have no vision about why I'm doing this’.

Then the O in ‘CONFIDENT’ is named after the next step.  Something like ‘Own Your Goals’.  So each letter of the Power Word represents one step in the Teaching Map™.  This keeps it unique and memorable…and sellable!

Mike: Keep in mind that your Audience is paying for you to have the Vision of where they're going to go in their life.  They’re lost and looking for a guide, a mentor. They're in the dark and they need you to hand them the flashlight. 

Your messaging must convey, ‘I've been where you're at, and I know exactly how to get you out of this.’  If you don't define what that Vision is that you have for their life as the expert that you are, then are they going to believe in you? They're just not.

It really boils down to taking the time to really understand who your Audience is, what problems are suffering from, and then how you can structure that into an easy to follow step-by-step process.

The step-by-step method (including the Power Word) is the 1st type of Teaching Map™.  The 2nd is where you create categories or buckets of area they need to focus on.  For example, if you taught Yoga you could say that to achieve ‘nirvana’ there are 3 things to have in harmony…food, exercise and mediation.  This is the opposite of the structured step-by-step process but equally as important.

Once you dial in your Teaching Map™, you can align that to your Treasure Map™. We call it a Treasure Map™ your Audience should feel like if they pay you a dollar for one of your offer, they should feel like they got $1,000 in value.  They feel like they found a box of buried treasure.

In part 1 you discovered there's five different offers you can make fairly easy.

There's a lot of other offer types…seminars, masterminds, summits, books, etc; but to just keep it simple and tangible for you, you want to align the problems that your Audience suffers from into steps, or milestones to overcome (or into groups or categories of areas to focus on).  Then you can align each step, or series of steps, into different offers.

For example, your low price offer (which we call a ‘Gateway Offer™’, that's that thing that you want to sell up front. It’s an irresistible offer that gets people in the door (this is often a free book with paid shipping, a $7 guidebook or a $47 mini-course).

When you pinpoint what the #1 entry level problem your Audience suffers from you can create coaching that helps solve that problem.  Once they solve that 1st problem they’ll then have a whole new set of problems. That’s where your Teaching Map™ shows them what the next problems will be, and what offers you can create to help overcome those problems.

Keep in mind that your Gateway Offer is not 19 hours of stuff. It’s more like a 20 minute video…or a 12 page worksheet…your client should only have to answer a couple of questions in order to get clarity and a quick win.

When you guide them through a process they're going to want the next step.  Your Teaching Map™ helps you keep all your offers aligned, and gets you and your Audience clear on the problems you are committed to helping them solve.

Think of your Gateway Offer as a movie…like Star Wars.  You watch the 1st one and love it…then you want to experience the next.  That’s how you get buyers to buy over and over again. 

Vito: That's where you are selling them into your ascension suite of products and everything's interlinked.  When you have that grand vision, your Audience will feel like they’re in good hands and confident they’re being led to that eventual final outcome they want. 

Anna: It also eliminates overwhelm. If you don’t map out your Audience’s problems and your offers, then you risk the dreaded ‘fire hose’.  This is where you firehose your clients with too much info!  They want to solve 1 distinct problem that should take :20 minutes but you’ve thrown in the whole kitchen sink!  Less is more, and the Teaching Map™ is the tool to keep you on point.

The Teaching Map™ is what taught me how to really nurture someone through that transformation and not fire hose them with all my best info. 

Vito: If you're the Newbie in the market you need some high end services to secure cashflow; but without tons of experience or authority that can be difficult.  If you haven't demonstrated authority and expertise and results in the market its tough to get somebody to pay you that.

That’s why you need to create a Teaching Map™ so you can make out your offers.  Then you can start with your Gateway Offer which deliver quick results for them to start moving them towards. Then after they get results they’ll be blown away and want to take that next step.  Mapping it all out let’s you bundle it as a high-ticket offer so you can literally get paid to create all your offers…no risk!

If you don't have a Teaching Map™ you're going to always be frustrated with why people won't pay you more.  Having it helps you launch strong and stand out.  The downside is it eats up more time because you’re having to work 1-on-1 with people.  However they’re paying you to work the bugs in and create some slick offers.

Mike: You want to have the mindset that launching a high-ticket offer lets you cherry pick the best clients, and then focus on them to get amazing case studies.  Yes, you’re working 1-on-1 and saying the same thing over and over…but eventually you’ll have it all elegant and no fluff.  This is where you turn that into automated coaching.

For example, in the beginning of the Visionary Planner® I’d have 3 hour calls with clients.  But as the processes were dialed in, we were able to put recordings into the Learning Portal and then only have 1-on-1 calls when it was time to review the work.  This lets our students go at their own pace while still getting the feedback they need so they don’t veer too far off course.  You want to carve out the milestones you need your clients to hit so they can measure the results your system is generating for them.

When they get results they want to keep going. Again, for the Visionary Planner®, our students get such tremendous results…they’re able to finally map out and build their business, that they start recommending other people.  When that happens your business comes alive.

Anna: Most people don't know where to start and what to do.  Very few are ever implementing.  I was the newbie getting started…I was worried about how to gain my authority to really build up a customer base. I was worried that if I put myself out there, was anyone going to buy it and why would anyone pay me any money?

So when I really started to learn the Visionary Planner® system , I had to map out the journey my Audience needed to go on to get the transformation I was promising.

Start with your Audience’s 1st problem, get them a big win, and then you’ll get them to trust you more and you're actually building your ideal customer.  For me, my best customers are women. That started in my very first little program. They just started with that they loved it. Then they wanted to take that next step with me.  And they were willing to pay for that because they trusted me at that point.  So if you’re new to starting up online, this is the process to follow.

Vito: The Teaching Map™ will help you build trust and authority as you're growing and you're building your product suite.

In part 3, we're going to talk about the timelines.  This is important because you probably want to start building stuff but have no realistic timeline for how long it will take.  Or how much you’ll need to invest.  Or what the precise order to build in is so you’re strategic and waste no time, energy or money.


Lesson #2 How To Stand Out

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