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5 Step Plan To Make $10,000 A Month


Use this worksheet to map out your quickest path to earning $10,000 a month with just a handful of clients!  


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Anna: You guys ever feel like you're struggling in your career profession cause you're just not sure how to scale? Scaling gets you more freedom in your life.

Maybe you want to get yourself out of the traditional job route, get out of a business that you thought was going to be your freedom? Instead it ended up becoming a trap…

You're not even seeing your family, your kids, your spouse; and you’re sick of having to drive to work everyday and sit in gridlock traffic. I know that was me.

And you feel like, when is it ever going to end? Where's the light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe you feel you’ve got more inside…more to offer. You know you can make a bigger difference in the world, but  just don't have the way to get it out.

And you heard about this online thing and you're wondering ‘how the heck do I get that going?’ Maybe you’ve wondered how could I spend more time at home with your family? Maybe you want to find a way to be at home and earn an income?

That's the online thing that everybody's talking about and we're going to tell you how to make it happen. We're about to show you the steps…

Vito: Here's the thing, right now, while the average person's out there stuck in jobs that they can't stand…Careers that are not progressing…Working in businesses that they're like, ‘I thought this was supposed to be my freedom, and yet it is now my trap’…

There is a better way.  In fact, we're here sitting at home, getting to work our businesses together as a couple, as a family.

We love being able to work at home together doing what we love…working with the people that we love.

Anna: So many people are asking us, how do you build that life?

How do you build a business that gives you that freedom lifestyle where you get to be that at home? We want to show you there is a way to design your life every day to be exactly on your terms, on your hours, on your schedule…

Because to most people, building an online business feels like a big mystery.

Back in the day getting online was a big process; but today it’s just your driving motivation that's probably holding you back.  We’re going to show will give you the strategy to make this all happen.

Things are great for us today, but if we were getting real with you right now we’ve got to go back five years and talk about how hard it used to be…

Vito: Going back several years ago, I knew I wanted to go online, but I had no idea how to get started. When I met Anna, I remember she was hustling for jobs going around LA.

On our first date asked her ‘why do you like being somebodies employee?  Why don't you start your own business and be in control?’

Anna: Back then I was looking for a big break. I was looking for somebody to sign me a contract to be the next super trainer of Beachbody or hosting a big Youtube channel. Everyone's out looking for somebody else to give them the break versus making their own break.

So I had no idea that getting online and starting up my own business was even possible.

Vito: Sometimes you need somebody from the outside to give you that swift kick in the butt or that hard truth, that hard reality to wake you out of the fuzz that the regular people that are living in.

Today you need somebody to say ‘Yo, you can get out of that. You can get out of the job role. You can get out of the brick and mortar world. You can get into the power and possibility of the Internet today and start building a real business online.'

Anna: Opting into the online platform isn't easy if you don't have a process, a step-by-step method to follow and build that business.  The reality is that you're going to have to work your ‘day’ job while you build your dream business.

Vito: Back in 2009, I remember sitting around in my gym…I was working 12 - 14 hours a day. Hustlin’ but I had no time to live.

I was leaving at 4:30 in the morning, coming home at 8:00 at night and I'm like ‘there has to be a better way’.

And that's when I started trying to find out this online thing.  It seemed like the mythical Unicorn out there that you've only heard about it, but it's real.

And the thing was I was just hustling…chasing random strategies like conferences,  seminars, paying for softwares and services, enrolling in ‘Guru classes’ and trying to piece it all together.  This made getting results take twice as long.

Then we created the Visionary Planner® and we made it a lot more of a step-by-step process, so you can get online without the overwhelm and time sucks we had struggled through.

You can go out there and build a $10,000 a month business without having hundreds of thousands of followers.  In fact, you can hit 6 figures with less than 200 people on your list, and with just a few offers.

Everyone thinks they need big numbers…a big list and lots of offers million offers.

No true. 

We're going to show you how you start up with 1 offer, then scale to 5, and literally build your dream lifestyle.

Let’s go over the 5 core offers so you can see how you can realistically earn $10,000 a month.  No big list, no big overwhelm.  Just a simple strategy that is proven to work for tens of thousands on coaches, consultants, service providers, influencers and creative people.

Your 1st offer should be 1-on-1 Coaching.

The upside is you can charge a lot for it, often in the thousands of dollar range for a bundle package (where you pre-sell several months of coaching instead of charging monthly and then worrying about people dropping out).

The negative side is you're still sometimes trading dollars for hours which affects your lifestyle.

The secret on how to do 1-on-1 coaching that doesn't suck up all your time is to learn how to automate your teaching. Anything you've learned can be turned around and taught to somebody else in an automated fashion.  You no longer need to have hour long calls with clients where you repeat the same info over and over…

 The key is just to learn how to automate that coaching so that you don't have to teach 1-on-1 all the time.

Instead you automate your coaching and then you consult live. That's how you can get more people in. And that's why you can build a bigger business even when you're dialing in your unique teaching curriculum (which we call a Teaching Map™).

A lot of experts get stuck when they're really good at coaching 1-on-1.  But they can’t seem to get their head around automating that process into a curriculum, a system, a process, a framework.

 Luckily we teach the art of ‘teaching’.  We really want our students to develop a unique signature system that gets their clients consistent results.

We use proprietary tools like Teaching Maps™ to help you dial in your signature process.

We know you're the best at what you do; so we’re going to challenge you to commit to charging at least $1,000 a month for Private 1-on-1 Coaching with you.

To earn $10,000 a month, you would need 10 people.  That means 10 x $1,000 = $10,000 a month.  That’s $120,000 a year. 

When you follow our systems, you can get 10 people over six months.

The 2nd offer is automated coaching. It's my favorite.

 Instead of 1-on-1 access, this is where you'd have a coaching group.  So instead of doing a bunch of 1-on-1 calls, you do group calls. You could have 10, 15, 20 people on a call…it just depends on how much you want to grow your business.

Let’s assume you charge $500 bucks a month for group coaching, you need just 20 people to be making $10,000 a month.

Note that you don't need tens of thousands of followers from social media to get this going. 

The 3rd offer is a Membership Program.

Anna: Think of like Netflix. People are used to subscription today. They have no problem paying subscriptions.

Vito: There’s two types of membership offers…Access to you and No-Access to you. 

Access is where you tach your unique curriculum (the same you teach in 1-on-1 and Group), but what you're going to do is as you go on and teach deeper levels of mastery, because you're going to continue to always learn and grow (so you’ll want to constantly be sharing fresh content and tactics with your group).

When you load that new lesson up, you also host a Q&A call.

That means you’ll go live with the group and they get to be part of some chat roll and different things like that with you. They don't get group coaching from you and they don't get private coaching…but they do get access to a group call that you do once a month.  You’re just going into some Q&A and ‘what’s working now’.

It's a lot less of your time and allows you to help more people with less of your time. Usually that kind of coaching comes in at about $100 a month.

You would only need a 100 people at $100 a month to be making $10,000.

Can you get a hundred people? As you start building your business, as you build your marketing, as you build your authority and you get attention out there, you can get 100 people.

Anna: I think that membership offers like that are perfect for somebody that's been creating content and really putting stuff out there but no idea how to monetize it. That was me. I was creating fitness programs and nutrition meal plans and all these growth lessons and  high performance coaching.

And I just thought, ‘how do I monetize all this?’ I put it all into my membership and then I'm marketing it to people that really want to just get my coaching, have access to my vault of stuff.  You’re just repurposing content and coaching you’re already created.

Vito: Anna is talking about a vault, that's the 4th offer you’ll need.

You’ll want to build a membership that's a vault of your best content, with no real access to you.  We like to teach our Visionary Students how to have a structure so they can dive in and solve what ever problem they’re facing.    Brendon Burchard says ‘the premium is in the process’. So when you learn how to put a unique signature process in the way you're coaching, you can charge a premium. 

Everyone's always asking ‘How am I going to stand out from other businesses?’  Everyone is living in fear because everybody thinks that online so saturated.  It is, but when you invest the time to develop your Teaching Map™, you’ll stand out and be able to charge top dollar.

Once you learn how to do that, you can command a higher rate in the market because you have a method, a process that can duplicate your results.

And what people are shopping for today is ‘outcome transformation’. Once you have a process, you can consistently deliver outcome. That's how you can put a guarantee on what you offer.

The 5th offer is courses.

Online courses is really just automated content. It delivers on its own. Students don’t necessarily have access to you.  You can add a group training call once or twice a month, and definitely be active in the Learning Portal answering comments, but you’re not investing tons of time to manage your students.

Anna: Back in 2011, I thought I needed courses on DVDs, and then transferred them into an online Learning Portal. The problem with starting out with just a course  is you need a suite of offers, not just one.  You can’t scale with just one.

Vito: It's like a ‘one hit wonder’.  I got really good at marketing and really good at group training back when I owned my gym. So I took that one skill and I made it a course to teach to other trainers and studio owners how to implement the strategies I invented inside my studio.  But that was all I had.  Once my buyers bought that, I had nothing else to offer.  I hit a ceiling and had no clue how to break out of it.

What happened is by 2014 marketing group training for fitness facilities became a commodity. Everybody and their mother was doing it so it no longer carried the same value.   

 So that business started to dry up and I had to figure out what am I going to actually get known for?

What will become my signature offer out there?

Then I met my Visionary Planner® partner Mike L. Murphy.  He taught Anna and I to think beyond having just one offer.

My big hangup was ‘who it going to listen to me?’   But with what Mike taught (again, the Teaching Map™), it became super easy to map all our offers out.

Anna: When I decided that I wanted to go into health and fitness, it was because I broke my leg in high school and I was handicapped. I was in wheelchair for six weeks. I wasn't able to even take a shower.  It was miserable and I hated taking my health for granted!  That's when I got so passionate about getting into the fitness industry and helping other people avoid feeling negatively.

I realized that though in the fitness industry, you're limited by what you can really do and who you can really help…especially if you're just working with people 1-on-1 or in small groups.  You can’t scale.  You can’t make a real impact.  You can’t create a movement.

I really want to go online, but wasn't clear how to do it. There was just no process that was clearly laid out.

Now, thanks to the Visionary Planner® System know how to go online, how to earn online and how to make an impact to millions. 

Vito: I have a similar story….

My dad was never there. He was an amazing guy. He took care of our entire family. We never wanted for anything, but I never had a dad.

I made a commitment to not go down that route.  I envisioned starting a family with Anna and being present for her and our son.

For us as a couple, we don't want to be those spouses that are constantly passing ships in the night. We’ve found a way that we can live our ideal day and carve out time to be the best spouses, and the best parents.  That can’t happen if you’re sitting in traffic or coming home drained after a long day doing something where your passions are squandered.

In Part 2 of this 3 part series we’ll dive deep into Teaching Maps and give you a worksheet so you can kickstart one of your own.

Stay tuned!

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